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Moselle Wine Region - Bernkastel to Trier

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15 km

Route story

80km of sealed roads, hairpins, hills, forest, wide views and small villages - this ride has something for every rider. This is actually a combination of two different routes I've taken to Trier before - the other was from the Eifel which takes you into the nice hairpins just before coming into Trier.


POI along the route

Hotel Zur Post

Biker Friendly Accommodation in Moselle region of Germany - safe parking and also offers tours and bike hire.

Hotel Paulin

Good, basic and clean with private parking for bikes and cars. Just 3-5 minutes walk to the old town centre.

Roman Imperial Baths in Trier, Germany

These guys know more about this than me so I've copied this from The Imperial Baths of Trier, known in German as Kaiserthermen, are the beautifully preserved ruins of a Roman public bath complex constructed in the fourth century AD. Considered to be the largest Roman baths outside of Rome, the remains of the Imperial Baths of Trier are centrally located within the city and are a fantastic site, with many of their walls standing and even the option to explore their underground tunnels. Trier was a Roman city initially established in around 15 BC and called Augusta Treverorum. By the late third century AD, when Diocletian divided the Empire and created the Tetrachy, Trier was such a flourishing and important city that it was known as the “Second Rome”. At this time, Constantius Chlorus became the emperor of the West Roman Empire and moved to Trier with his son, Constantine the Great. From 306 onwards, Constantine began a mass development of the city, of which the Imperial Baths of Tier were a part.

Roman Ruins - Porta Negra, Trier

Old Roman ruins in town of Trier Germany

Motorhotel GuS, Morbach Hoxel, Germany

Will visit this hotel beginning of June, 2014 during my annual road trip with 8 friends. Will keep you posted on my findings, however first contact to inquire and make reservation was very friendly.

Hotel Galerie Riesling

3 Star hotel - fantastic food and good value for money. They have secure parking for your motorbike, and for those wine connoisseurs, then you couldn't ask for a better place to start with a cellar stocked with the best regional wines and more. Check out the sunny upstairs terrace as well.

Hotel Am Ceresplatz

Hartelijk welkom op de site van Hotel am Ceresplatz. Ons familiehotel en de dependance liggen midden in het mooie burchtenstadje Manderscheid in de Duitse Vulkaneifel. Het historisch stadje ligt midden in de natuur. In en rondom die unieke natuur van Manderscheid vind u de mooiste motor-, wandel-, mountainbike- en fietsroutes van de Eifel. Op onze tabs uitgaanstipes en recreatie hebben wij voor u een paar mooie voorstellen uitgewerkt, maar natuurlijk staan wij u ook graag persoonlijk te woord. Wij verheugen ons erop om u te mogen begroeten Wittlicherstrasse 2 54531 Manderscheid Deutschland Telefoon: 0049-6572932933 Fax: 0049-6572932923

Motorrad-Landgasthaus Moselhöhe

Wir begrüßen Euch in der Tourenregion Eifel-Mosel-Hunsrück und freuen uns auf gemeinsame Tage mit Euch. Eure Motorradgastgeber Anna, Peter und Familie Hauptstrasse 30 D-56858 Liesenich +49 06545 1843


im Hotel Hauer in Bollenderf in der Eifel. Das drei Sterne Hotel liegt direkt an der Grenze zu Luxemburg, umgeben von der idyllischen Landschaft der Südeifel. Sie erwartet ein familiär geführtes, komfortables Hotel mit freundlichem Service. Sauerstaden 20 D-54669 Bollendorf +49 0 65 26 9 50 50 0

Motorbike hotel

Very biker friendly hotel! I've been there a few times. Sweet service in a wonderful environment!

Hotel Krone

This a great hotel, really nice rooms, great bar and terrace and fantastic parking for the bikes. Lovely views of the vineyards across the river as you have ice cold white beer as the sunsets