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Triglav National Park

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15 km

Descripción de la ruta

Here is a nice Alpine route from the Autozug (car train) station in Villach through to the Triglav National Park in Slovenia. It doesn't include the BEST places, but it is one of the nicest day's riding I've done. Be careful of the cobblestones they put on the road in the hairpins...naturally they thought it was safe for cars and buses...but can be dangerous for bikers. Ither nuisances are big bloody buses full of tourists blocking the road in the high season. Also - I've added pics of Piran which is on the small peninsula. It's a beautiful little place to stay and have a swim...and eat lots of good food!


PDI a lo largo de la ruta

Hotel-Restaurant-Kuchler Wirt

The biker hotel Kuchler Wirt in Treffen is a comfortable guesthouse that has been run by the Kohlweiss family for the last 35 years with a lot of love and dedication. The owners Friedl and Gina and their team cordiallylook after their guests and are always there to fulfill any needs. Millstätterstrasse 11 A-9521 Treffen +43 (0)42 48 28 26

Lake Bled

Beautiful lake with some of the nicest foothill riding you can imagine...if you can get past the thousands of cars and tourist buses