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Heart of Holland

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15 km

Descripción de la ruta

Not renowned for alps or wild nature, it's hard to find good rides in a flat land, but this one is quite good. Going through the middle of the Netherlands. Be sure to stop and check out Radio Kootwijk. Really cool old bizarre radio tower building from the early 20th century


PDI a lo largo de la ruta

Herberg De Zoelensche Brug

Really nice cafe in a nice forested area with some nice roads (as far as Dutch biking can offer)

Camping de Hei

Very nice biker camping. They also have 2 huts and a few bunk beds to sleep if you don't have a tent or if it's rainy. Big bar with a lot of entertainment going on. The logo may look a bit scary for some :) but don't worry these are really friendly people and all kinds of folks come there!

Campingplatz am Wiesensee

56459 Stahlhofen am Wiesensee +49 2663 3381

Austerlitz Pyramid

Built by the French army in 1804, this landmark in the heart of the Netherlands is modeled after the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt. Just a few years after its construction, the name was changed to commemorate Napoleon's victory in the 1806 Battle of Austerlitz.

Camping 'De Hei'

A really cool biker camping! The logo may scare you off a bit, but go there: it's a nice and clean campsite with a good bar, live music every now and then and very friendly staff. Clean bathrooms. Plenty of space on grass.

Camping De Hertenhorst

Camping De Hertenhorst is located in the middle of the Veluwe forest, easy to reach by motorbike (or car or bicycle for that matter). The staff is very easy going and friendly. I arrived quite late, when the reception was already closed, but after a phone call to the owner I was told to just go ahead and set up camp and we could arrange the rest in the morning. The camping is not far from the Hoge Veluwe national park, with several cute Dutch villages nearby.

MotoPort Almere

BMW Motorrad and Suzuki official dealership in Almere. Big clothing, accessoires, navigation and communication shop.


The best KTM dealer in Romania. The staff is really nice and helpful, Dana and Angelo they own the shop and are allways there for you when you need thery advice. In 2016 the shop is a Official Partner for the famous Red Bull Romaniacs.