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Eastern European Ride

2nd June 2011 to 19th June 2011

Here's a trip I took in 2011 to Poland, Ukraine, Transnistria, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and back to Holland.
It was a great trip with the exception that the last half saw me getting washed out with forecasts of a week of rain to go, so I just went back home. Turned out to be a good idea in the end - it was one of the wettest summers on record.
I had the misfortune of getting rolled by the cops a few times for made-up offences in Transnistria, but out of this came the idea for Motortourer - so it wasn't all that bad in the end ;)

This was the largest 'solo' trip I'd done so far. the plan was to go to Warsaw and pick up my mate Konrad and his friend Ryzard and ride down to Odessa. They'd then catch a ferry across to Georgia and then head back around the Black Sea and back home. Unfortunately, time off for me is scarce with work, so I could only go as far as Odessa then make my way back home.

I headed out on the 2nd June and it was pretty uneventful. I stopped the night near Wittenberg, Germany and settled in for the night and ready to go the next morning.  

Hit highway all the way and at the time they were building a new higway on the Polish side of the border...when I got onto the old one I was shocked to see cars coming straight for me on the wrong sode of the road. Followed by more and mroe doing the same thing - as if they were aiming for me. It was pretty terrifying, before I realised there are 3 lanes. The lane in the middle is for cars on the left or right to overtake in. When you see another car coming the opposite direction, you simply move to the right...not the safest way to design a road, but once you're aware of it it makes it easier to deal wtih ;)

Arriving in Warsaw...

I spent 2 nights in Warsaw at Konrad's house and the next day we dropped by the bike dealership to say hi to the guys who were sponsoring Konrad's trip. He works as a writer for a charity called so part of the deal was he was writing about his experience on the trip for the charity.  For those who can read Polish, the website is here:







Me introducing Konrad to the joys of earplugs...

We crossed over the Ukraine border with no problems at all. I'm always nervous about my visas and Aussie passport when going to a new country at first. You never know what to expect and you'd hate your trip to come to a stop so soon, but it was fine and that afternoon we found ourselves in beautiful Lviv (Lwów). It's a university town which seems to always have somthing going on.


The picture of the food is a local delicacy called a "Cossack's Trick". They eat lard to line their stomachs so the vodka doesn't knock them over ...or so I was lead to believe.




But at the time - the locals were protesting as they say that the Euro Cup was taking away people's houses without just compensation. It wouldn't surprise me as the government's pretty corrupt...and don't get me started on FIFA/Uefa...